We cover most subsectors of the Aviation Sector: air transport, airports, air transport policy and regulation


JCF Strategy Consulting has a very strong and in-depth expertise in many different areas of the airline Industry. We believe that an airline is a unique world, and important improvements require a deep cooperation between the consultant and the airlines' managers and staff. It is why we support our clients in all stages of a project, from design to successfully completed implementation.


Airports are very complex infrastructures requiring a multiplicity of skills and expertise to face the intense global competition, and the two major challenges facing airports: capacity and quality. JCF Strategy Consulting with its partners and experts has developed a strong capability in advising airport managing entities from and economic, business and operational perspective, in the areas of airport conception studies, demand estimates, feasibility studies, impact analysis, strategy and strategic planning, business and financial planning, master planning, operational optimization, and complementary business development.

Governments and Regulators

Governments have a very important mission in providing the best and most appropriate policies and compliance with the international standards and regulations by their institutions and operators. Our unique combination of skills and cross sectorial skills allow us to be an ideal partner for both Governments and Regulators in leveling the playing field in policy development and in regulatory standards.

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