By combining the in-depth expertise  in the hospitality and in the airline businesses, JCF Strategy Consulting is in an unique position to help airlines, caterers and suppliers in thriving in this complex and challenging business.

Innovation, creativity, logistics, sourcing, kitchen layout and workflows, food processing technology, and powerfull IT&CT systems are key success factors requiring an unique and customized combination for each client in order to maximize his value criation.

JCF Strategy Consulting is a good partner to help you with:

  • Demand Forecasts
    • For short haul and long haul, business and economy classes
    • Type of food: vegan, low carb, religious/ethnic, low fat, sugar & cholesterol free meals, etc.
  • Menu design
    • Locally produced fresh ingredients combined in a fashion to meet the flavors valued by your customers
    • Nutrient life length optimization
    • Cost optimization
  • Operations and logistics
    • Kitchen workflow
    • Just in Time supplier management
    • Quality and food safety certifications and accreditations
    • IT&CT systems integration with airlines
    • Food processing and storage technology
  • Business Model enhancement
    • Off-season new business development
    • Procurement optimization
    • Ancillary revenues and co-branding
  • Strategy
    • Strategy design and strategic planning
    • Strategy monitoring frameworks
    • Business and financial Planning
    • Business Valuations
    • Assets’ valuations
    • Corporate restructuring and turnaround
    • Strategic partnerships’ development
    • Mergers/acquisitions/divestitures
    • Spin-offs from option analysis to NewCo cruise activity
  • Investments and Capital
    • Investment planning
    • Funding appraisals
    • Option analysis and evaluation

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