Aviation retailing, traditionally a very important ancillary revenue base for airlines, is currently facing enormous challenges: increased role of airports in capturing the share of wallet of passengers, inability in capturing the market opportunities, and implementation of recent relevant technology developments. JCF Strategy Consulting can help you increase substantially and rapidly the potential of retailing and its revenue streams.

JCF Strategy Consulting can help you with boost your ancillary revenues and in/off flight sales, through:

  • Customer Behavior
    • Market research
    • In-flight behavior studies.
    • Off-flight behavior studies (pre-boarding gate, at departure site, at destination site)
    • On-line behavior
  • Catalogue design
    • Merchandising selection
    • Assortment strategy and tactics
    • Promotions and sampling
    • Virtual and paper catalogue management
    • Category Management
    • Co-branding
  • Retailing Logistics
    • Procurement
    • Vendor management
    • Inventory management
    • Delivery management
    • Warehouse management
  • IT&CT
    • Maximization of on board wifi potential
    • Systems’ features specifications and integration
  • Strategy and Business Development
    • Competition analysis
    • New revenue sales forecasts
    • Sales forecasts per category
    • Business and financial Planning
    • Business Valuations
    • Assets’ valuations
    • Corporate restructuring and turnaround
    • Strategic partnerships’ development
    • Mergers/acquisitions/divestitures
    • Spin-offs from option analysis to NewCo cruise activity
  • Investments and Capital
    • Investment planning
    • Funding appraisals
    • Option analysis and evaluation

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