Airline reservation systems are at the core of todays airline ticketing, sales and distribution, and GDS’ market power is proving challenging and costly for airlines. Increased on-line travel agents’ bargaining power and the urge of airlines in cost reductions and increase of ancillary revenues is becoming a difficult equation for most. JCF Strategy Consulting is capable of helping airlines in both improving consistently their ancillary revenues and reducing ticketing, sales and distribution costs:

  • Ancillary revenue planning and implementation
    • Ancillary revenue strategy
    • Ancillary revenues business model
    • Ancillary activity business planning
    • Third parties collaboration strategies and support in negotiations
    • Pricing of ancillary services
    • Implementation of ancillary services


  • Distribution strategy
    • Distribution channel analysis per key market (inbound and outbound)
    • Competition analysis at the customer point of contact
    • Distribution assessment on new route developments
    • Support in Negotiations with the various distribution channels
    • Optimization of direct and indirect distribution channels
    • Support in interlining negotiations


  • Sales force optimization
    • Optimal sales force configuration and headcount
    • Sales programs
    • On-line sales (basic and ancillary) programs content development


  • IT&CT sales and distribution
    • IT&CT strategy
    • IT&CT infrastructure planning
    • Support in tendering, negotiations, purchasing, implementation control, and maintenance performance with IT&CT vendors
    • Support in implementation


  • Business Intelligence
    • True demand analysis per route
    • Competition analysis per route
    • Yield and fare analysis per class, route and player
    • Market share analysis per route

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