Airports are very complex infrastructures requiring a multiplicity of skills and expertise. JCF Strategy Consulting with its partners and experts has developed a strong capability in advising airport managing entities from and economic, business and operational perspective, in the areas of airport conception studies, demand estimates, feasibility studies, impact assessments, strategic development, business and financial planning, master planning, operational optimization, and complementary business development.


Airport planning

The continuous growth of air transport, past and expected, and the structural changes happening in the aviation Sector pose tremendous challenges to the airport industry in a long term perspective. JCF Strategy Consulting, by combining its unique expertise in tourism, airlines and in airports, has the ability to support airport operators in effective and careful planning.

Airport Management and Operations

Airport operations have to manage complex operations both at peak and low activity periods, to provide airlines the airfield and terminal conditions, to enable them to operate with safety and economical efficiency according to international, national and local regulations. JCF Strategy Consulting, with its in-depth and comprehensive understanding of airports, airlines, handlers, tourism operators and passengers is in a unique position to provide airports valuable advise

Ground Handling

The Ground Handling activity is very demanding and challenging: tariffs are becoming increasingly regulated, capex and opex increasing, leaving the key strategic issues to efficiencies of scale and to staff and equipment productivity. If you add this to an ever increasing implementation level of lean and low cost processes imposed by airlines, then you should consider the collaboration with JCF Strategy Consulting to help you thrive in this business.

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