Destination’s local people

The local people are in most cases the key actors in providing a unique visiting experience. The habits, culture, way of life and social behavior, are all elements which adequately combined make a tourist product, thus allowing a destination to become unique and not replicable in the international markets. These elements should not be changed. What needs to be addressed are the perceptions, which drive attitudes.

JCF Strategy Consulting can provide a precious help in perceptional modifications geared towards desired attitudes, through:

  • Tools
    • Enquiry design and statistical analysis
    • Focus groups organization, facilitation and result analysis
    • Desk research
    • Sociological analysis
    • Specialists insights
  • Services
    • Characterization of the main traits of the cultural matrix
    • Identification of the main, social, sociological, and economic issues of concern
    • Characterization of social behavior, and trigger factors influencing attitudes
    • Perceptional maps of visitors and locals regarding behaviors and expectations
    • Gap analysis between visitor expectations and local’s behaviors
    • Examination of reasons deterring locals from catering adequately the expected visitors’ experiences
    • Social motivational attributes and propensity to respond to communication messages
    • Media and communication performance analysis
  • Deliverables
    • Guidelines for communication strategies
    • Guidelines for formal and TVET training plans
    • Guidelines for staff training programs
    • Systematic monitorization of attitude changes
    • Systematic monitorization of visitor’s perceptions

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