Visitors have motivations, preferences, requirements and demands, which JCF Strategy Consulting has the ability to help you in:

  • Tools
    • Enquiry design and statistical analysis
    • Focus groups organization, facilitation and result analysis
    • Desk market research
    • Specialist insights
  • Services
    • Identification of the main attributes anticipated by each market segment
    • Design and attributes required for tourism products and services
    • Segmentation of market and development of corresponding marketing mixes
    • Evaluation of the elasticity of demand for each market segment
    • Examination of reasons deterring people (suppressed demand) from visiting destinations
    • Concept perception and willingness to experiment and pay
    • Visiting experience mapping
    • Promotion and advertising planning
    • Visitor segment trends
    • Visitor behavior modeling
    • Evaluation and development of destination and company brand image
    • Opening new markets and reducing dependency on existing ones
    • Management of seasonality by matching market segments
    • Assessment of compatibility with other target markets
    • Examination of alternative distribution channels
    • Assessment of tourism impacts to the destination and selecting the right segments
    • Evaluation of marketing effectiveness and selection of media for promotion
  • Deliverables
    • Destination/ Brand/ Service market strategy
    • Business development planning
    • Business planning
    • Revenue management modeling
    • Demand forecasts
    • Competitivity analysis
    • Investment planning

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