JCF Strategy is a boutique consultancy specialized in the Aviation and Travel & Tourism industries.

A vision with range


JCF Strategy Consulting has strong and in-depth expertise in many different areas of the airline Industry.


Each airline is unique, and important improvements require deep knowledge and cooperation between the consultant and the airlines’ managers and staff.

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Airports are complex infrastructures requiring a multiplicity of skills and expertise to face two major challenges: capacity and quality.

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Governments and Regulators

Governments have a very important mission in providing the best and most appropriate policies and compliance with international standards and regulations.

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Travel & Tourism

JCF Strategy Consulting’s philosophy in tourism and business is ultimately all about people.


Businesses are the economic activities of the tourism value chain and the creators of employment. They can only thrive with visitors that generate enough activity to sustain them.

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Governments and Institutions

Governments develop tourism policies and programs that are implemented by institutions enabling businesses to capture opportunities, thus generating jobs and economic growth.

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People are the most critical and essential element of the tourism experience: Visitors, Locals, and Businesses’ staff. JCF Strategy Consulting helps enhancing the contribution of people, at the institutional and business levels.

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Tourism Resources and Assets

Comprise multiple dimensions: human, physical, knowledge, capital, infrastructure, historical and cultural, immaterial, natural, climatic, requiring an holistic approach to maximize their potential.

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About Us

JCF Strategy is a boutique consultancy specialized in the Aviation and Travel & Tourism industries.

Led by Carlos Faria, its main partner and consultant, JCF collaborates in many projects with other specialized consultancy companies and external experts, providing a wide range of specialized skills and knowledge on behalf of the customer. Carlos Faria, has an MBA and 25 years of professional experience with international focus.

Key competencies include market research, demand forecasts, feasibility studies, corporate turnarounds, corporate strategy, competitivity improvements, operational optimizations, privatizations, concessions, businesses evaluations, mergers/ acquisitions, business model design, public service obligations, monitorization and evaluations, finance, investments, management control systems, IT&CT enhancements, organizational redesign.

Aviation clients include large airline groups, medium and small airlines, large low cost airlines, airline start-ups, large airport operators, medium and small airports, IT&CT specialists. Travel and Tourism clients include large conglomerate multinational tourism groups, hotel chains, restaurant chains, health & Spa centers, multinational rent-a-car, golf course chains, resorts, destinations, and tourism distribution at retail, on-line and tour operators.

JCF has also performed work for Governments, Regulators and International Institutions, such as the European Union and MCC.

Case Studies

Of the many projects performed by JCF Strategy Consulting, its consultants and partners, we list illustratively the following cases: