Airports are very complex infrastructures requiring a multiplicity of skills and expertise. JCF Strategy Consulting with its partners and experts has developed a strong capability in advising airport managing entities from and economic, business and operational perspective, in the areas of airport conception studies, demand estimates, feasibility studies, impact assessments, strategic development, business and financial planning, master planning, operational optimization, and complementary business development.

Airport Planning

The continuous growth of air transport, past and expected, and the structural changes happening in the aviation Sector pose tremendous challenges to the airport industry in a long term perspective. JCF Strategy Consulting, by combining its unique expertise in tourism, airlines and in airports, has the ability to support airport operators in effective and careful planning:

  • Aircrafts (type and category)
  • Passengers (OD and transit)
  • Cargo (OD and transit)
  • Competition analysis between airports
  • Competitive analysis and positioning
  • Competitive simulation modeling
  • Airspace
  • Airside (runways, taxy ways, aprons, stands, air bridges and walkways)
  • Landside (cargo and passenger terminal design and planning, luggage processing terminal)
  • Passenger processing
  • Off site and intra site access
  • Ground Access and interfaces
  • Concession planning
  • Capacity management with model simulation
  • Airside Infrastructure
  • Terminal design
  • GSE Equipment
  • Complementary activities
  • Investment evaluations
    • NPV and cost Benefit analysis
    • Risk assessments
    • Imbedded real option analysis
  • Site planning
  • Project coordination
  • Technical, environmental and economic option analysis
  • Business and financial planning
  • Alternative scenario and dynamic flexible planning
  • Document preparations and facilitation with stakeholder discussions
  • Coordination of master planning approvals process
  • Monitoring and evaluation planning
  • Business strategic planning
  • Value Based management

Airport Management and operations

Airport operations have to manage complex operations both at peak and low activity periods, to provide airlines the airfield and terminal conditions, to enable them to operate with safety and economical efficiency according to international, national and local regulations.

JCF Strategy Consulting, with its in-depth and comprehensive understanding of airports, airlines, handlers, tourism operators and passengers is in a unique position to provide airports valuable advise in:

  • Optimization of airside/landside operations and flows
  • Operational performance monitoring
  • Staff productivity improvement
  • Terminal capacity management
  • Ramp, apron and stand capacity management
  • Optimization of arrival/departure process of allocation of gates and stands
  • Support in slot negotiations process
  • Maintenance and engineering process optimization
  • Incidence management process optimization
  • Staff working flexibility schemes optimization
  • Support in negotiations with staff
  • Operational benchmarking
  • Customer behavior analysis
  • Passenger experience analysis
  • Share of wallet and willingness to pay analysis
  • Value proposition service design and configuration
  • Airport tenant mix optimization in terminal areas
  • Optimization of renting retailing space pricing in terminal
  • Airport marketing and sales programs
  • Provisioning (outsourcing vs in-house activities) strategy and implementation
  • Out-sourcing performance systems’ design
  • Integrated operational (outsourcing and in-house) performance management system, modeling and simulation
  • Support in SLA negotiation and SLM (service level management) modeling and simulation
  • Provisioning, outsourcing and SLM training
  • Tariff reviews and proposals
  • Impact analysis of tariffs in airline economics, ground handlers and landside tenants
  • Competing airports tariff benchmarking
  • Regulated tariffs and non-regulated tariffs’ optimization