Governments and Regulators

Governments have a very important mission in providing the best and most appropriate policies and compliance with the international standards and regulations by their institutions and operators. Our unique combination of skills and cross sectorial skills allow us to be an ideal partner for both Governments and Regulators to achieve a higher level playing field in policy development and in regulatory standards.

The aviation industry remains heavily regulated but liberalization of aviation services has been steady, and open skies impacts the whole industry: not only the airline sector, but also the airports, the airport services providers, the ATC and ATM services and technology providers, the global distribution services and technology providers.

JCF Strategy Consulting, with its consultants and partnering companies, is able to support governments and regulators with the following advise services:

  • Impact analysis of proposed new regulations
    • In Airlines
    • In airports
    • In the tourism market
    • In competitivity of the players
  • Public Service obligations
    • Computerized simulation models to regulators and policy decision makers, to identify and build scenarios incorporating: business models, route by route profitability and cost allocation, efficiency thresholds of operation, commercial and transaction costs, value added across the value chain
    • Amount and design of effective schemes of subsidies at the route level
    • Cross effects of demand increase measures and subsidization
    • Separation of basic public service activities from non-regulated activities, and impact analysis thereof
  • Private capital participation
    • PPP, concession and management contracts design and performance appraisal
    • Privatizations
    • Joint Ventures