Of the many projects performed by JCF Strategy Consulting, its consultants and partners, we list illustratively the following cases:




  • Turnaround strategy of a western European airline group
    • Valuation of an European Ground Handling company
    • Valuation of a regional airline in Europe
    • Turnaround of a European Charter Airline
    • Valuation of a European charter airline
    • Route feasibility studies for a major European LCC
    • Reservation system integration of a major European airline group and travel agents
    • Ancillary revenue growth in LCCs in Europe
    • Turnaround of an southern African small airline
    • Route network development for an African Middle size airline
    • Efficient Business model design and configuration of a small west African airline
    • Business plan for the spin-off of the domestic operation of a small west African airline
    • European international airport management control systems
    • Valuation of a European Ground Handling Group, spin-off and its trade sale.
    • Development of a European network carrier hub
    • Strategic plan of a European large MRO unit
    • Strategic plan of a aviation catering company
    • Menu redesign and configuration of a small European airline
    • Strategic plan of a European aviation retain company
    • Feasibility study and start-up plan of a small central European airline.


  • European international airport management control systems
    • European international airport provisioning strategy
    • European international airport outsourcing Service Level Management (SLM)
    • European international airport strategic and business planning of complementary activities to increase the passengers’ share of wallet
    • European small airports business models
    • European small airports business plans
    • European small airports commercial business development of complementary services
    • Feasibility studies of a European new International Airport
    • Feasibility studies of a European small International Airport for privatization
    • Demand forecasts for a network of small European airports
    • Small airport competition and attractiveness analysis
    • Business plan of a small European airport for participation of private capital 

European international airport management (REVER)

  • Large Airline Group
  • A West European large airline group
  • JCF Strategy Consulting, in many projects collaborates with other specialized consultancy companies and external experts, providing a wide range of specialized skills and knowledge on behalf of the customer. This way we are able to provide very high standards of quality in an excellent value combination for our clients.

Travel & Tourism

Hotels & Resorts

  • Strategic and Business plans and Valuation of a Portuguese important resort area
    • Strategic and Business plans of hotel chains
    • Strategic and Business plans of restaurant chains
    • Strategic and Business plans of golf courses
    • Strategic and Business plans of Health & Span centers
    • Revenue Management for hotel chains
    • Valuation of Hotel chains for mergers and acquisitions
    • Valuation of large scale resorts
    • Valuation of tourism real estate companies and properties
    • Reservation systems enhancement for hotel chains
    • Pricing optimization per type of room for hotel chains
    • Business plan of a large resort with all inclusive service

Amusement parks

  • Valuation of amusement parks for trade sale
    • Strategic and business plans for amusement parks
    • Demand forecasts for amusement parks
    • Competitivity and attractiveness of amusement parks
    • Costumer satisfaction systems at amusement parks


  • Revenue management system for a multinational Car Rental company
    • Activity and transaction based costing systems for car rental companies
    • Fleet optimization for car rental companies
    • Fleet sales system for car rental companies
    • Reservation systems’ enhancement of car rental companies
    • Optimization of car delivery processes of car rental companies

Golf Courses

  • Management control system of a golf course chain
    • Strategic and business plans of new golf courses
    • Demand forecasts and competitivity analysis for golf courses
    • Valuation of golf courses for trade sale
    • Valuation of real estate properties with golf courses

Restaurant chains

  • Procurement optimization for restaurant chains
    • Menu redesign for restaurants
    • Promotion and marketing plans for restaurant chains
    • Strategic planning and business plans for restaurants and chains
    • Business model and operational optimization of a take-a-way restaurant chain  

Travel distribution

  • Strategic and business plans for travel agencies retail chains
    • Valuation of a travel agency retail chain for merger
    • Strategic and business plans for tour operators
    • Product development improvement of tour operators
    • On-line sales improvement of travel agencies
    • Bundling of travel package products for mass market sales
    • Connectivity improvement between large European tour operation and retail outlets with major airlines
    • Risk reduction programs on tour operation purchases.

Casinos & Gaming

  • Strategic and Business plan for a Casino
    • Market share forecast for a new Casino Concession
    • Valuation of a Casino Concession and trade merger process
    • Business plan for a on-line Casino