Travel and Tourism

Tourism is a supply driven Industry, whose characteristic is that it all starts with giving! JCF Strategy Consulting’s philosophy in tourism and business is ultimately all about people.

Travel & Tourism is one of the world’s largest economic sectors. Current global Travel & Tourism, with over 1.1 billion international arrivals, generates an economic impact of US$ 7.6 trillion and direct employment is over 100 million people. Global Travel & Tourism direct employment is forecast to grow at a faster pace than most other major industries and the global economy employment average.

Nonetheless, geo-political shocks, pandemics, mass urbanization and poor city planning, lack of staff skills in quantity and quality, ageing tourists, and disruptive technological developments, are all factors requiring particular careful and detailed analysis.

People living within the boundaries of their places and cultures, providing an unique human experience to visitors from other places and cultures, by giving the best they can of themselves.

JCF Strategy Consulting, with its consultants and partners can decisively help you thriving in this environment and strengthen your competitivity. We have developed a comprehensive tourism integrated advice framework, which tackles all relevant issues, at the three most important levels: Policy and Institutional, Resources and Assets, and value chain activity business.

All three levels are interdependent. Resources and assets are the core element and motive why tourists visit a destination. Businesses, left alone, cannot provide an efficient travel experience to visitors, without the comprehensive and enabling capacity provided by efficiently implemented institutional frameworks, policies, and preservation of the resources and assets. It is how these three elements are combined that defines the competitivity and attractiveness of a destination in relation to its competitors. Effective Improvements in the performance of a destination require interventions in each of the components:


Businesses are the economic activities of the tourism value chain. Employment is created by businesses, and tourism businesses can only thrive if there are visitors in sufficient quantity to generate enough activity to sustain those businesses. JCF Strategy Consulting can certainly help any business in the tourism value chain in achieving a higher competitivity, profitability and return on the investments.

  • Demand forecasts
  • Competitivity analysis
  • Optimal Pricing and Revenue management
  • Asset Capacity
  • Human Resources
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Capital Investments
  • On-going Assistance and Support

Governments and Institutions

Governments develop tourism policies and programs that are implemented by institutions enabling businesses to capture opportunities, thus generating jobs and economic growth. Institutions are entities that implement tourism policies and establish the regulatory frameworks for the tourism related businesses. They also have the responsibility for developing and manage the tourism resources and assets.

  • Tourism policy, strategy and planning
  • Impact analysis of proposed new regulations
  • Public Owned Services
  • Private capital participation

People: visitors, locals and staff

People are the most critical and essential element of the tourism experience: Visitors, Locals, and Businesses’ staff. JCF Strategy Consulting helps enhancing the contribution of people, at the institutional and business levels.

  • Inventory of tourism resources and assets
  • Destination product development
  • Infrastructures and Investment planning

Tourism Resources and Assets

Comprise multiple dimensions: human, physical, knowledge, capital, infrastructure, historical and cultural, immaterial, natural, climatic, requiring an holistic approach to maximize their potential.

  • Inventory of tourism resources and assets
  • Destination product development
  • Infrastructures and Investment planning